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How to Adjust Clipper Blades

    Adjustable blades

    • 1). Make sure you have purchased the correct adjustable blades for your clippers. Each type of clipper designed for adjustable blades has a corresponding product number for the blades.

    • 2). Look on the side of your clippers. There should be a lever that is for adjusting your blades; you may need to consult your product manual to find out which level is appropriate.

    • 3). Use the lever to adjust your clipper blades. Usually pushing the lever toward the blades makes the blades cut shorter, while pushing the lever away from the blades makes the blade cut longer.

    Detachable blades

    • 1). Remove your current blade. Some blades are popped off by pushing the teeth of the blade away from the clipper; other blades need to be removed by unscrewing the two screws that hold the blades on the clippers.

    • 2). Choose the new blade you need depending on what task you're moving to. See the introduction above to find out how to choose blade sizes.

    • 3). Attach your new size of blades. Blades that snap off should snap back on; blades that have to be unscrewed will need to be screwed back on.

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