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Home Remedy Skin Care for Dogs

    • 1). Dissolve an aspirin tablet in 3 tsp. of rubbing alcohol. Mix the two together until they are combined.

    • 2). Soak an herbal teabag in a cup of boiling water. Pour the alcohol into the tea and stir it all together.

    • 3). Clear the hair away from the hot areas of skin using hair clippers and dab the liquid mixture over the hot spots. Use a piece of cotton to apply the liquid onto the skin wherever it feels hot.

    • 4). Mix colloidal oatmeal with water, in equal parts, until you have a paste. You can add some oatmeal if the mixture looks too runny.

    • 5). Spread the paste onto any itchy patches on your dog's skin. You should only apply a thin layer.

    • 6). Wrap the paste with tin foil like it was a bandage. Try to get your dog to lie down while the foil is wrapped around the irritated area.

    • 7). Remove the foil and wash off the paste. Reapply the paste and foil whenever you see your dog itching at an area of skin.

    • 8). Dissolve Epsom salts in a bowl of cool water. Follow the directions on the salt for how much salt to use for the water. You will need one bowl of salts for each paw that is itchy.

    • 9). Let your dog soak its paws in the Epsom bath for five minutes and rinse them clean when finished.

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