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About Dog Injuries

    Scrapes and Sores

    • These can come from a dog being dragged along the ground or from scratching himself raw. These need to be cleaned with warm water and antibiotic solution, or the application of an antibiotic spray or cream put on is put on after a washing. Aloe vera gel or cream works well on minor scrapes and sores. If the dog is chewing himself, then a muzzle should be applied. A trip to the vet is needed as soon as possible.

    Minor Cuts

    • If the cut looks any deeper than a half inch (a centimeter), then it should get stitches. You may need to trim the hair around the wound so the vet can get at it (if your dog will let you). Minor cuts need to be cleaned and then bandaged as best as you can do. Sterile cotton padding is placed on the cut, and then a self-adhesive bandages is wrapped around. Let your vet see this make-shift bandage to be sure it isn't too tight. Any jetting of dark blood needs pressure applied to it and the dog needs to be taken to the vet at once, because an artery has been cut.

    Hit By a Car

    • Check if the dog is conscious and breathing. Administer CPR if not breathing (if you know it). Make a stretcher from a coat, beach towel or blanket. Put pressure on any wounds that are bleeding heavily. You have to get the dog to a veterinarian immediately, so risk moving the dog. Keep in mind that dogs in pain often bite. If possible, muzzle or put a leash around the dog's jaws to help prevent a bite.

    Broken Bones

    • Do not try to straighten out the broken bones. Keep the dog as warm and calm as possible. Place a muzzle on and then try to put a splint on the bone to keep it as still as possible. Anything sturdy and straight can be used for a splint, such as baseball bats, sticks and tools. These are placed around the broken bones and tied to stay in place. A broken rib, however, cannot get a splint. The dog must get to a vet as soon as possible.

    Canine First Aid Kit

    • A small first aid kit for your dog can be kept at home or in your car to deal with emergency injuries. Human first aid kits work well with dog injuries. A kit should include an antibiotic ointment, assorted bandages, sterile cotton pads, tweezers to remove foreign objects, an extra leash or muzzle, phone number for the vet and scissors.

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