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Puppy Scratching & Losing Hair

    Puppy Coat Shedding

    • A number of dog breeds shed their puppy coats, known as the "puppy uglies," which causes normal hair loss and may make puppies scratch as the hair falls out. Pomeranians and papillon puppies lose their puppy coats and can look quite scrawny during this process. As long as there is no redness or irritation of the skin, it is simply normal puppy shedding and owners should not be concerned. The new coat will grow in as expected for the breed.

    Contact & Allergic Dermatitis

    • Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin because of contact with some environmental chemical that causes a reaction.. This can be a chemical used for floor cleaning, carpet shampoos or plant substances outdoors. Food allergies can also cause skin symptoms. These can include scratching and redness, hair loss, licking of the area and oozing of the skin. Apply steroid medications as directed by your vet to reduce irritation. For food allergies, dietary changes and removal of certain foods may be necessary.


    • Granulomas are lumps or nodes on the skin surface that is the body's reaction to foreign substances, materials, systemic illnesses, medications and sometimes from unknown causes. Itching and licking, hair loss at the area, ulcers or drainage from the nodes may occur. Steroids can reduce inflammation. Antibiotics may be prescribed for secondary bacterial infections. Sometimes surgical removal of nodes is necessary

    Demodectic Mange

    • Puppies are often infected with demodectic mange from contact with their mothers. The mite that causes this infestation is always present, but puppies have a lower immunity and are not able to fight it off. Symptoms include scaliness, redness, itching, hair loss, darkening of the skin, pustules and ulcers. A Mitaban dip can kill the mites.

    Flea Bite Hypersensitivity

    • Some dogs are extremely allergic to the bite of fleas. A bite can cause extreme itching of the skin, scratching, hair loss and scabs. Your veterinarian will recommend an insecticide that is suitable for the puppy's age. Antihistamines may be ordered to relieve the itching, and steroids may help to reduce inflammation from the bites.


    • Ringworm is a skin infection caused by several varieties of fungus that can cause scaling, crusting, itchiness, hair loss and draining nodules. Your vet may recommend miconazole or lime sulphur dips or oral medications like griseofulvin or itraconazole to kill the fungus.

    Diabetes Mellitus

    • Diabetes in a puppy can cause recurring skin infections that cause itching and hair loss. A blood test will diagnose the disease. Secondary bacterial infections may also be a problem that must be treated with antibiotic creams. Dietary changes and insulin will improve the skin problems and general health of the dog.

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