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How to Build Dog Proof Wire Fencing

    Dog Fencing

    • 1). Lay out your fencing with a string, which helps keep your lines straight.

    • 2). Measure the distances you want between posts and mark the spots so you know exactly where to drive in the posts.

    • 3). Choose wire with a gauge (the size of the openings between the wire strands) of less than three inches so that puppies can't squeeze through.

    • 4). Use a type of manual post driver that slips over the top of the post and is used in an up-and-down motion to drive the post into the ground. This type of post-driver is easy to use, especially if the ground is soft from a recent rain. Continue driving the post down until the wings toward the bottom of the T-post are completely in the ground.

    • 5). Stretch out the roll of wire fencing. Wrap the wire around the first post and attach the wire to the post with aluminum ties.

    • 6). Make sure the fencing is completely flush to the ground as you unroll the wire and attach it, otherwise your dog will be able to dig out. If you're still worried about the dog digging out, unroll chicken wire next to the wire fencing and attach it to the fence.

    • 7). Cover the gate with some of the wire from the roll to keep your dog from slipping through the gate and be sure the gate's bottom is close enough to the ground to prevent dogs from going under the gate.

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