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Are Pomeranians Good With Kids?


    • Pomeranians are extremely small dogs, weighing only 3 to 7 pounds, so when considering this factor, the question may become whether children are good for this breed. Young children, while energetic enough to keep up with this furry ball of activity, often engage in play that could be too rough for the tiny Pomeranian. With their delicate frames and tendency toward health problems such as dislocated kneecaps, these dogs might be too fragile for some children.


    • These little dogs have a number of traits going for them as pets for families with small children. They are lively and playful, and their alert natures generally make them very good watchdogs. They are usually happy dogs who are adept at learning tricks, a feature which can delight small children. However, some Pomeranians may develop behavior problems, including a pack leader mentality. These dogs may bite when children attempt to exert their dominance.

    Grooming Requirements

    • Pomeranians are not among the easiest breeds to groom. Their luxurious double coats shed constantly, and the dogs need brushing often. For some parents, the toys and clutter that can come with small children is all they can handle without adding these hairy little creatures into their households. Others may look at Pomeranians' thick coats as an opportunity to teach their children about the responsibility that comes with taking care of another living creature.

    Socialization and Training

    • In addition to daily play, Pomeranians need regular walks. Socialization is key in order to keep this breed from becoming nervous, and a training regimen can help control its dominant tendencies. This can lead to a well-rounded pet that is good with both adults and children, and getting the kids involved in the training and socialization process may help it work even better.

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