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Feeding Your Greyhound

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Owning a greyhound involves increased responsibility when feeding. These dogs can have very sensitive stomachs. What you choose to feed your greyhound will greatly affect his performance if he is an athlete. Greyhounds are very active dogs and their diets need to reflect this. Read the following gui

4-H Dog Show Rules

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4-H dog shows are a wonderful learning show red award ribbon image by robert mobley from Fotolia.comThe 4-H dog show rules are easily accessible on the Internet. However, they may differ by state and local 4-H community. A competitor should always check with 4-H organizers...

Pug Dog Breeds

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They are great little dogs to live with. They love nothing more than being centre of attention and are the funniest little characters to be around. Pugs are at their happiest curled up on your lap or with their heads in their food dish! They are extremely loving and affectionate and love being aroun